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This is a snapshot of the Advanced Commodities Service from June 6th 2008.
The Subscription site for $29.95/month is updated Daily at 5:30pm C.S.T.
Intraday information is updated every 10 minutes of the trading day.


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Throughout the course of the next couple of months, will be upgrading the Java and then the Non-Java site. Some changes are already in place, others including design improvements we are still working on.

We thank you for your continued patronage - team

Looking for information you cannot seem to find?
We have noticed that most of the requests we receive are for services already available on this site, and as always we continue to welcome your feedback for new ideas or questions regarding this service, and our other products.
Please contact by Phone 800-238-5814 or Email (click here).

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The Java site has many improvements over the old site.
New features include:
  • Quickly Navigate through out the site from commodity to commodity.
  • Easy Access for extended quotes, technical opinions and customized charts.
  • Portfolio - MultiQuote: Portfolio - MultiQuote allows users to select multiple QuoteScreens of their choice, it also has the ability to calculate a Portfolio for you. This is an advanced version of CustomQuotes.
  • Chart Builder: This program allows you to preset multiple custom charts and view them in an ordered or simultaneous fashion, without having to reenter in the chart definitions each time.
  • Custom Trends: Custom Trends will allow you to define and use Trend Lines on Custom Charts. Currently we have Simple, Parallel and Fibonacci Time Series trends available with a view to adding more in the future.
In our efforts to provide a clearer more precise and intuitive service, along with maintaining an ever advancing lead in technological innovation, Barchart created the Java version of the Advanced Commodities Service. Please click here for a User Guide to the Java Site.

Recently Added:

  • Implied Volatilties are now available through the custom charts and chart builder programs.
  • Options Prices are now downloadable, by contract, through the data download program within the Java site.
  • Data Download allows you to download directly to Excel up to two years worth of daily; open, high, low, close, individual volume and open interest for any contract within our database.

Latest Version of Browser:

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*** In order to provide a superior product, the new site requires the latest technology. JavaScript is used throughout the site, and many additions are handled with Java applets. Your screen resolution should also be set to at least (800 x 600) and you should be using either Netscape Navigator 4 or Internet Explorer 4. Not all features will work without using version 4.x of these products.