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Trend Spotter

Trend information is calculated using the Trend Spotter© program.'s Trend Spotter program is a computerized trend analysis system, developed over several years. Trend Spotter has been programmed to produce trend results on all the markets we cover on our service. This program uses a combination of long and short term algorithms, attempting to find a general trend for a specific market.

At the time of writing (10/01/98) Trend Spotter had made 1384 suggested trades in over 60 markets since April 1996. These are simulated one lot trades and do not include commission, slippage or any other type of trading fees. Below are results of some general analysis we have done on Trend Spotter.

Bullish Trends

  • 329 Winners
  • 4 Even
  • 364 Losers
  • 697 Bullish Trades Average Profit $1,116
Bearish Trends
  • 369 Winners
  • 3 Even
  • 315 Losers
  • 686 Bearish Trades Average Profit $643
  • 698 Winning Trends (Profitable)
  • 7 Trends Came out Even
  • 679 Losing Trends (Loss)
  • 1384 Total Trades Average Profit $881

We list all suggestions, past, present and future in the historic, current, and the neutral trend files respectively.

Current Trends

Current Trends are a list of all current trends for commodity contracts featured on our site.

                   Start  Entry  Last    Exit
         Trend      Date  Price  Price  Price  Profit
JY Dec Bearish  08/19/97   8605   7877   8192   $9100
Neutral Trends

Neutral Trends are a listing of all the contracts we feature on our site outside Trend Spotters trending range with the closing prices that would make them enter a either a long or short trend.

-------- Current Trend -------        Bullish Bearish
                  Start  Entry   Last   Entry   Entry
                   Date  Price  Price   Price   Price
GC J98 Neutral 02/24/98   2927   2941    3015    2922
Historic Trends

Historic Trends are an accounting of the Trend Spotter program since we started putting Trend Spotter on the Internet in April of 1996. All current trends are artifically closed and put into the historic trends file the last trading day the month before expiration. All other trends enters the historic trends file when the trend passes its exit points listed in the current trends file.

For more information on Trend Spotter please refer to the Trend Spotter Help Page.

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