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The more I use the more I love it.
If you ever need a testimonial . . . let me know."
Christopher Maisa (subscriber)

"I am a new subcriber and the only complaint I have is that I wish I would have subscribed earlier.  I love your service.  I have been looking at charting services on the internet for months and yours is definately the best I've seen, bar none."
John Utterback (subscriber)

"Hiya Mark,
First I'd like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!   Next, I gotta tell you that I'd be lost without the services I've come to rely on from MRI please keep billing my credit card on a monthly basis. Again, have a wonderful holiday of feasting and frivolity.   Peace and Prosperity to you and your family.
Butch Pair (subscriber)

"Barchart has got to be the best value on the web. Thanks for being there... Clyde"
Clyde Moore (subscriber)

"For a fee, you can have full access to this site. It has unseeded Prophet Data Services as my choice for futures charts on the Web. If you are willing to subscribe, the site is worth its weight. It is one of the best futures sites I have found"
Rob Rak (

"Keep up the excellent work on your website, it is by far the best for trading commodities.  The layout, the charts, the graphics etc are all top-notch; plus your selection of technical indicators is well thought out and contains every major indicator I find worthwhile using.

  Thanks for all your help."
John Kozup (subscriber)

"Thanks for the great service. Love those charts."
William D. Hawkins (subscriber)

"Great Job on the new chart feature. I like the convenience of having it in the upper left frame of the main page. I really like the white background with the blue OHLC bars and the larger size of the graph. The preference settings are excellent!

Thanks for your hard work!"
Lyle Edwards (subscriber)

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