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Chart Books

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To download a Chartbook select the Chartbook from the pull down menu and the chartbook will download onto your computer.

Commodity chartbooks contains Daily contract open/high/low/close barcharts with a 9 and 18 day moving average overlay as well as a 14 day relative strength and a 14 day %K and %D stochastic on the bottom of the chart. This is ploted for each contract featured on the commodity. It is also contains the technical indicators for the commodity.

Daily chartbooks contain Daily contract open/high/low/close barcharts with total volume and open interest for the commodity and the group technical indicators.

Weekly chartbooks contain Weekly nearest open/high/low/close barcharts with total volume and open interest for the commodity.

Monthly chartbooks contain Monthly nearest open/high/low/close barcharts.

Landscape chartbooks are printed size 11" by 8.5" similar to the "US Charts" paper publication. Daily landscapes are 12 Months, Weekly landscapes are 5 Years and Monthly landscapes are 20 years of trading activity.

Portrait chartbooks are printed size 8.5" by 11" similar to the "Commodity Perspective" paper publication. Daily portraits are 8 Months, Weekly portrait are 3 1/2 Years and Monthly portrait are 15 years of trading activity.

Composite chartbooks are a ziped file containing the nine group chartbooks for the format. The composite chartbooks will require a complementary unzipper such as PKUNZIP for Windows computers.

For problems associated with the chartbooks please refer to the Chartbooks Help Page.