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Daily Files Support Page

Daily Prices Help Page

MRI offers end of day fututres and options prices in many different formats and delivery methods. To try out our end of day files click on Daily Files in the Market Overview section of our main page.

MRI currently has 10 different formats of end of day data available for futures as well as an end of day options file. End of day futures prices can either be downloaded directly off our site or you can use our Email Data service to have the prices emailed to you each night. With the Email Data service you can also restrict the file to only the commodities you are after.

You can also get all the prices that make up our barcharts for the commodity each night in the daily chart and statistics page for each contract we feature. This is under the "daily prices" feature.

To download end of day futures data go to the month that you are after by clicking on the month link on the Daily Futures File page, inside the Daily Files selection. Once you get to the month page a calendar will appear with 10 choices for each day of the month. Click on the letter that you are interested in and the data for that day will appear in the format of your choice. Next click on "file" option on the top left hand corner of your browser and then click on the "save as" option that appears in the pull down menu. This will save the data onto your computer where it is up loadable into your charting software.

Historical Prices

MRI has historical futures data going back to Aug 1995 available to our subscribers in the Daily Futures Files. This is available in the 10 different formats. We also have the past 3 months worth of options prices in the Daily Options Files.

Life of contract

You can get life of contract data by using Custom Charts or by going to the daily chart and statistics page for the commodity contract. To do this in custom charts, change the "Prices On" selection to "Asc File". This will give you the life of the contract which can be uploaded into spreadsheets such as Excel or Lotus notes. Also by using the Custom Charts you can get up to 25 years on a Monthly Nearest chart by again changing the Prices On to either Decimal File or Integer File.

Data Formats

MRI currently has 10 end of day formats of data available. If we do not have the format of your choice let us know what it is and we will try and add it. We can only replicate the format if it is in ascii text. This means that you can copy and paste a line of the file into the email. If you can do this we can replicate it.

Below is a quick snapshot of the 10 formats and a short summary at the bottom.


BP Y 03/05/1997 16128 16160 16080 16125 BP Z1997 03/05/1997 16038 16060 15990 16052 BP dvl 03/04/1997 5739 38791

Y (FCG Compatible)

BPY,970609,1.6317,1.6386,1.6302,1.6355,20409,43419 BPZ7,970609,1.6296,1.6296,1.627,1.6296,20409,43419


BP,Y,03/05/1997,16128,16160,16080,16125 BP,Z1997,03/05/1997,16038,16060,15990,16052 BP,dvl,03/04/1997,5739,38791


BP,Y,03/05/1997,1.6128,1.616,1.608,1.6125 BP,Z1997,03/05/1997,1.6038,1.606,1.599,1.6052 BP,dvl,03/04/1997,5739,38791


BP Y 970305 16128 16160 16080 16125 5739 38791 BP1997Z 970305 16038 16060 15990 16052 5739 38791


BP,Y,970305,16128,16160,16080,16125,5739,38791 BP,1997Z,970305,16038,16060,15990,16052,5739,38791


BP,Y,970305,1.6128,1.616,1.608,1.6125,5739,38791 BP,1997Z,970305,1.6038,1.606,1.599,1.6052,5739,38791

N (Metastock compatible)

BP----Y,970305,1.6128,1.616,1.608,1.6125,0,0 BPNFVOI,970305,1.6038,1.606,1.599,1.6052,5739,38791 BP1997Z,970305,1.6038,1.606,1.599,1.6052,0,0


BP_A0,980106,1.6292,1.6325,1.6257,1.6257,10954,32614 BP_H8,980106,1.6248,1.6306,1.619,1.6198,10954,32614 BP_M8,980106,1.618,1.624,1.6128,1.6128,10954,32614


BP Y 03/10/1997 16018 16060 15950 16038 18008 40547 BP H1997 03/10/1997 16018 16060 15950 16038 18008 40547

Quick Summary of the formats

The first 2 columns always contains the commodity code. A translation of which is available from the Commodities List. BP is the British Pound.

Y - is the cash contract.

{F G H J K M N Q U V X Z} - {Jan ... Dec}

dvl - is the total Volume and Open Interest for the commodity for the previous days trading.

The date in the example is March 5th 1997.

The data is always "Open High Low Close" with volume and open interest when applicable.

Data Format Help Page - Options

MRI currently lists the last 3 months of options prices in the Daily Options File, inside the Daily Files selection of Market Overview.

The format for this data is similar to the futures. The first 2 characters are the commodity code. In this case AD is the Australian Dollar. The 3rd character is the contract month. F for January. Next is the strike price of the call C or the put P.

The second column is the date of the price followed by the open high low and close.

The "s" after the close stands for "settle", which is the official close of the day.

ADF0710C 11/25/1997        0     270     270     270s
ADH6900P 11/25/1997        0    1510    1510    1510s