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The Advanced Commodities Service has End of Day Futures Data in 10 different formats. The 10 different formats are all ASCII text formats and are compatible with most charting programs, including Metastock. The data will work with your charting program only if your charting program can accept a single end of day file containing all the prices for the day in a single ASCII file.

The end of day futures files contain the Open, High, Low, Close, Volume and Open Interest for every Commodity contract we cover on our site. We have a quick overview of the 10 different formats in the Data Formats Help Page.

Historic Futures Files are available in the 10 different formats going back to Jan 1st 2000. For an alternative source of historical and daily data recommends

The End of Day files can also be customized to contain only the commodities you are interested in and Emailed to you at the end of each trading day (4:30pm C.S.T.).

Futures Prices by commodity contract are available in the Daily Chart and Statistics page for every contract we feature. Custom Charts will also allow you to download a years worth of historical futures prices on any contract by changing the "Prices On" feature to "Decimal File".

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