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Futures Analysis has many different forms of futures analysis, we list the most common analytics in the Daily Chart and Statistics page for the commodities:

  • Trend Spotter results for the contract

  • Moving Average [9 18 40]

  • Momentum [9 18 40]

  • Stochastic RAW, %K and %D [9 14 20]

  • Directional Indicator, ADX, +DI, -DI [09 14 20]

  • Relative Strength [9 14 20]

  • Historic Volatility [9 14 20]

  • 52 Week High and Low

  • Last 5 days prices

For a more advanced outlook of the market we have our Technical Indicators. These contain today's prices with some of the above analytics on the commodity as well as projected cross over points for the moving averages, relative strength and stochastics. The projected cross over point is the price the contract would have to reach the next trading day in order for the specified event to occur.

Technical Indicators are also contained within the Chart Books.

All of's technical analytics can be drawn using Custom Charts. And by using Custom Charts you can also download the underlying data for the study.

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