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Custom Spreads

Custom Spreads is the most powerful customizable on-demand Internet charting program available. Custom Spreads is the spread charting equivalent of Custom Charts, with all the same features available on Spreads.

With Custom Spreads you can plot up to three contracts on a chart, and you can even define the multiplier on each contract, this will allow you to plot the most advanced spreads.

Soybean Crush Spread
   11*BeanOil + 2.2*Meal - Soybeans

East Coast Crack Spread
   0.66*Unleaded + 0.33*Heating Oil - Crude Oil

West Coast Crack Spread
   0.5*Unleaded + 0.5*Heating Oil - Crude Oil

Plotting Features of Custom Spreads

Same charting features as Custom Charts plus

  • a*X + b*Y + c*Z
  • Plot Ratio Spreads (x/y)
  • Plot Yield Spread
  • Define the rollover date
    for Nearest and Continuation Spreads

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