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Chart Books are designed for downloading, printing and viewing at your leisure, just like the old fashioned charting magazines except Chart Books are cheaper, a lot more timely, contain more information and are of a much higher quality. To use Chart Books you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is a free product that will allow you to view and print the Chart Books through your home or office computer.

The Chart Books contain the two lead contracts from each commodity traded in the commodity group. The lead contracts of a commodity are the nearest two contracts to expiration. Chart Books come in different formats and sizes, below is a brief description of the differences.

Landscape Chart Books are size 11" by 8.5" printed on a piece of paper similar to the "US Charts" paper publication. On a Daily landscape Chart Book this accounts for a period of 12 Months, Weekly landscape Chart Books cover 5 Years and Monthly landscape Chart Books cover 25 Years of trading activity.

Portrait Chart Books are size 8.5" by 11" printed on a piece of paper, similar to the old style "Commodity Perspective" paper publication. These more emphasize recent price movements. On a Daily portrait Chart Book this accounts for a period of 8 Months, Weekly portrait Chart Books cover 3.5 Years and Monthly portrait Chart Books cover 15 Years of trading activity.

Daily Chart Books contain a Daily contract open/high/low/close barchart with total volume and open interest for the commodity. The Daily Chart Books also contain the group technical indictors.

Weekly Chart Books contain a Weekly nearest open/high/low/close barchart with total volume and open interest for the commodity.

Monthly Chart Books contain a Monthly nearest open/high/low/close barchart.

Each commodity we feature also has its own Chart Book. This is an open/high/low/close barchart with a 9 and 18 day moving average overlay with a 14 day relative strength index and a 14 day %K and %D stochastic on the bottom of the chart. This is plotted for each contract featured on the commodity. It is also contains the technical indicators for the commodity.

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